The Internet, our privacy, and our civil liberties are under threat from a monopoly. This is not the monopoly of a single business but that of a business model: the business model of corporate surveillance.

Corporate surveillance is the business model of offering you free and subsidised products in exchange for the right to spy on you. It is the business model of companies like Google and Facebook (and nearly every other venture-capital-subsidised free service from Silicon Valley).

It is time we started creating independent, sustainable alternatives to corporate surveillors like Google and Facebook. To do that, we must create new design-led organisations capable of creating beautiful products that can compete successfully in the consumer market.

  1. Read the draft Indie Tech Manifesto and send us feedback.
  2. Watch Free is a Lie and share it with your friends.
  3. Attend the first Indie Tech Summit in Brighton, UK on July 4th & 5th to meet like-minded designers, developers, activists, politicians, and academics and kickstart this initiative.